ILoR OFFICERS 2021-2022


Due to the Public Health emergency, the Worshipful Master was not installed and the other Officers were not invested at the November 2020 meeting as it did not take place. However, The Worshipful Master, MW Bro. John Hart, informally asked the incoming Master to fulfil all duties of the Master's Chair in an acting capacity. This was agreed. All other officers were ask to fulfil the duties of their new offices until their invesiture could be accomplished. This was also agreed.


The full installation took place at an emergent meeting held on August 28th 2021.


Worshipful Master RW Bro. Glen Springsteel
Immediate Past Master MW Bro. John Hart
Senior Warden RW Bro. David Hochman
Junior Warden W Bro. James Simmons
Secretary-Treasurer RW Bro. Kim Parkyn
Chaplain VW Bro. Doug Philips
Senior Deacon RW Bro. Andy Pokolinski
Junior Deacon RW Bro. Don Russell
Director of Ceremonies VW Bro. Dennis Milbrandt
Senior Steward VW Bro. Irwin Vines
Junior Steward Bro. David Lanciault
Registrar RW Bro. George Tapley
Piper VW Bro. Ken McTavish
Inner Guard Bro. Terry Dean
Tyler MW Bro. Hugh Young



Subscribing Members Committee Chair VW Bro. Irwin Vines

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